Where can I buy your coffee?

  • You can buy our coffee online, please visit our shop https://duncancoffee.myshopify.com/collections/all to browse through our collection.


What grind should I get if I have a Moka Pot?

  • The medium roast coffee beans is the best option for coffee in a Moka Pot


How much ground coffee should I use for a cup of coffee?

  • You need 1 tablespoon of ground coffee for a regular cup of coffee and 2 tablespoons for a strong cup of coffee


How should I store my coffee?

  • Keep in an air tight container in a dark location at room temperature. Avoid storing in clear canisters that can compromise the taste of the coffee in the long run.


How many servings in one lb bag of coffee?

  • It will make approximately 36 servings per one lb of coffee (8 ounce servings)


Why does my coffee taste weak?

  • It might be from storing it in a clear canister. It needs to be stored in an air tight container. It can also be from brewing it incorrectly.


Should I use boiling water when brewing coffee?

  • The water temperature should be between 195F and 205F, the closest it is to 205F the better. If the ground coffee is frozen, it will lower the temperature of the water, therefore, it is important to have the water temp close to 205F.